Friendship Defined

Friends have a relationship that no other two people have. Whether a friend is a classmate, a teammate, a parent, or even an animal or a toy, all friendships are similar in the two individuals having a special connection.  Friends understand each other like no one else, allowing them to tell one another anything- secrets, stories, advice, or suggestions.  This tight bond allows friends to go through a range of emotions together, whether it be laughing their heads off together, bawling their eyes out together, or smiling with happiness together.  Overall, the key to a friendship is being together, loving each other, and being there by each other’s side when no one else is there.

You experience some of the best times of your life with your friend. With true friends, simple moments can be remembered forever, and there is no need for amusement parks, or expensive day trips.  Great memories can be made by sitting with your friend in their bedroom or in their backyard.  One of the best memories I have with my friend is laying on the floor of her bedroom at 3am, telling funny stories and secrets to each other.  Maybe this memory doesn’t seem comparable with the memory of a great concert or a vacation in a tropical area, but it reminds me of a time I was with the one person who understands me completely and loves me for who I am.

However, friendship is not flawless, and friends encounter dissimilarities and disagreements. When friends get into an argument, it is only to settle the disagreements and differences that they have.  Don Quijote and Sancho Panza in El Quijote demonstrate this side of friendship several times.  An example is when the two debate whether enchantment caused the hostility at the inn, after the guests tossed Sancho in the air with a blanket as a joke.  Sancho also argued with Don Quijote about why he didn’t help him when he was in this situation.  This disagreement caused a stumble in Don Quijote and Sancho’s friendship, but in the end it taught them more about each other, about each other’s feelings, emotions, and values.  Don Quijote and Sancho demonstrate that fights between friends are normal, and that they strengthen the relationship between the two individuals.  Arguments like this are necessary in a friendship, and they are important for bringing friends closer together.  Without disagreements, friends would not learn about each other and the things that make them upset or angry.

A friendship is not something that occurs over night, but rather over a long period of time. Likewise, a true friendship doesn’t last for a few years, but a lifetime.  Friendship is the key to happiness, and without it, what would out lives be like?

Andrade, Marcel C. Adventuras del ingenioso hidaldo Don Quijote de la Mancha. Lincolnwood: NTC Pubishing Group, 1994.

12 comentarios sobre “Friendship Defined

  1. Pienso estás correcto, y vida es mejor con nos amigos. Nos amigos ríen con nosotros, y entenden nosotros. Pero amistad no es siempre bueno, queremos nos amigos.

  2. What means friendship for me?
    Every person meets a lot of people.
    I think that friends play an important role in a person’s life.For me friends are who encourage me when I am sad,who entertain me when I am lonesome, and who listen me when I have problems.
    From my own experiences I know that the most significant element of a long lasting friendship is trust. Through trust, best friends tend to share their feelings, opinions and secrets with one another. Trust brings us closer. Though we are a thousand miles apart now, it doesn’t matter, because what you share with your true friend is much deeper than what lies on top.
    For me true friendship means big happiness. I do not want to lose my friends because they like me despite of my mistakes and negative personality.
    I appreciate them and I have our friendship on the first place in scale of my values.

    1. I agree that trust is an important part of a friendship. Without trust, it is hard to tell friend what is on your mind and how you are feeling. I also agree that a true friend is someone who is okay with your mistakes, and will help you through them.

  3. When I was younger I can’t find friend who understand me at all. I liked reading and animal so much, but my neighborhood didn’t. I grow up in the city and lot of children was mostly interested in playing computer games and they didn’t have an idea to go out. Thanks to my parent I traveled into interesting places and I didn’t missed my potential best friend so much. I found my first real friend in high school. We sat abreast in one desk for four years and firstly we weren’t talking so much, because she was very quiet. But she was rare and very smart and after longer time we became very good friend. What I want to say is, that friendship has many modifications… I am talkative, active and I like good society. In contrast my friend is very shy, passive and she doesn’t like people so much – it is interesting combination. My recapitulation – can find best friend between people we doesn’t expect.

    1. I think this is very true and I can relate to it myself. I have several friends who have very different personalities than me, and I would still consider them some of my best friends.

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