As it is shown in El Quijote, truth is a relative concept. Truth for Quijote, truth for Sancho, truth for Quijote's relatives... And almost anyone would agree with this: we are not in possession of absolute truth. We think other's opinions and points of view are also valid. But there is a problem with this … Sigue leyendo Verdad-Truth

La Aventura

La aventura más grande es la vida. Es una aventura que nadie puede evitar. A veces no es fácil pero todos las personas tienen. La vida es difícil y es como un camino. A veces va cuesta arriba y a veces va cuesta abajo. ¿Pero realamente es una aventura o incluso la vida? Aunque nuestra … Sigue leyendo La Aventura

Hello! My name is Obsession

In case you don't remember me, my name is Obsession. I'm sure we've met before. But, I know we will meet again. You can not escape me. I'm not avoidable. I am as important to your physical makeup as the color of your eyes or hair. And no, you can not see me physically... But, … Sigue leyendo Hello! My name is Obsession