Hello! My name is Obsession

In case you don’t remember me, my name is Obsession. I’m sure we’ve met before. But, I know we will meet again. You can not escape me. I’m not avoidable. I am as important to your physical makeup as the color of your eyes or hair. And no, you can not see me physically… But, I am always here. We meet when you feel a want or need for something so strongly, you almost tell yourself you can’t live without it. You meet me when your mind is totally focused on one thing making the rest of the world disappear. You know me when your body and mind completely surrender to the idea of something else, a greater power, me.

People are crazy. People are imaginative. And me? I’m somewhere in the middle. The weird thing about me is when I meet someone, it either goes really well or really sad. I would like to think I do more good… But like I said, people are crazy.

In my time, I’ve met many people. And I’ve learned that people are different for many reasons. They don’t look the same, talk the same, nor live the same. But in my eyes, they are all one; all crazy, all imaginative.

See, in my type of work, nothing surprises me. I’ve seen it all… Some people crave order (OCD), and some people love boy bands (*cough* *cough* Karly) People love different things. For example, a long time ago I met him when he started to read books about chivalry. It got to the point where he got addicted to not only the literature, but also this other world he created. His imagination was his medicine that ultimately made him sicker. So yes, he was crazy. He was imaginative. But maybe he was just crazy and imaginative to survive.

Survival… what does one need to survive? The basics of course; shelter, water, food. And I do as well. But in a different way. For food, I don’t salad or hamburgers. Instead, I feed off of people. And no, you sicko, I don’t mean I eat them! That’s disgusting! But like a plant, I grow from a small seed within. And whether you know it or not, you are my farmer. I grow off of your insecurities, subconscious thoughts, and your desires and needs. Within time, I grow larger and larger, taking up more and more space in your thoughts until the shadow of my leaves shade your mind completely.

I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. I can be your transportation to another world or the anchors that holds you back from moving forward. But, at the end of the day, we are one.

9 comentarios sobre “Hello! My name is Obsession

  1. This is beautifully written! I have to admit, I share the obsession with boybands (one direction and 5sos are too cute not to obsess over, what can I say), and i agree entirely with the connection with obsession to a seed. That was very creative and interesting. 🙂

  2. Yo acuerdo! Obsesión es en todas las personas, y muchas chicas tienen un obsesión con cómo se ven. Yo creo obsesión vive en todos, y todos tiene que aprenden a vive con obsesión. No esta hay escape de obsesión.

  3. In my opinion is that this article is written very good. Obsession is described concisely but article obtains all what obsession is. Every person describes obsession otherwise because people are different.
    I think that obsession is good and bad. Good obsessions are our necessities of life. We must drink, food, breathe, walk, speak and so on. These things aren’t bad. Bad obsessions are harmful sometimes for us. Sometimes people can be ill. For example some psychological disorder or sometimes death. Obsession after some actor, singer or some famous persons is nice for me. For famous persons it is a motivation keep working. The worst obsessions are drugs. For example people are in difficult life situations so they start taking drugs. In my opinion si very bad. Drugs can kill us.
    This is obsession for me. Every person is difficult and behaves otherwise. People should realize what is good or bad for them. Every person has his or her own mind.

  4. I think that this article is a crazy one but I would like to explain it. In my opinion it´s weird write like something abstract but you feel it quite well. You know what you write about and you´re so good at it. There are many of definitions and phrases with the entire things obsession might be associated. Each of us can imagine something different. For me is obsession connected with sports and my limits. However the article shows the obsession with the positive sense. I could imagine it as a bad quality in many cases. I like obsession conjunction with the general principle of human life because it is an integral part of everyone´s life. Another thing is adding song on this article below, which captures the author´s intention that the obsession is positive energy. This article touches my heart because it may be a motivation for our our lives, our friends, our dreams.

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