In the Middle of it all, I Found My Happiness

«The glory of God is man fully alive», but how could I continue living when my world ceased to exist before me. How could I drag my feet off the bed to face the day in front of me. I could wipe my tears from my face, but nothing could mend the pieces of my heart the lied broken, shattered on the floor. Yet somehow, the days passed and  time continued. I found myself picking up the pieces and found strength in my family and my friends.
Someone told me, «When everything around you is dark, the light will have a greater impact.» I found my joy in those that who showed compassion. My smiles came my faith that everything would be better. Maybe not today and maybe not this month, but someday. One day I would wake up and all would be well. I would be able to conquer whatever was thrown at me.
I want to be fully alive. I want to be completely in love, fully dedicated and fully enjoying the life given to me. I want to be able to to always be happy and when I’m not, know that soon I will be. For I know that, those who are in the dark, will see a great light and our tears will soon be turned into dancing.
By Emma Henderschedt

4 comentarios sobre “In the Middle of it all, I Found My Happiness

  1. Live at the moment. And be grateful for every new day. Thanks, for everything good, but also for bad things, because that can help us be better human. Be better, respect to each other – respect their liberty, their religion, and their values. Accept person, like a complex of qualities and accept him also, when is in a bad mood (not just, when all is okay).
    Thanks to God, because he give us possibility to fully enjoy the life given to me. God is not a dictator, who say us, what to do. He gave us reason and free will, so we can do, whatever we want. And now we can ask oneself, why is too much evil in the world? God is kind and he want just the best for us, or not? It is because, still exists people who wants more and more, and they do not see evil. They see only themselves and that, that they still do not have enough.

    1. I agree! I love what you said about being grateful each and every day. This is so important. If we face each day with that positive attitude, we can all be happier. Thanks for the comment!

  2. «When everything around you is dark, the light will Have Greater Impact.» I really love this sentence. Sometimes, I have the same feeling as you wrote in the article. I feel despair of the life, I feel I’m in the dark, cold, unfamiliar dungeon, there’s n no one can get me out of that. One day, I find something to believe, we called it «faith». I don’t care if everyone believe that, but I know I’m gonna start my brand new life.

    There’s the words «When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you.» I think we should understand this sentence in another way, for me, it means we should look at sunshine, so the we will be warmed by the sun. And we should be the «sun», if anyone needs. Then, when we need the sun, there will be someone else to warm us.

    1. I love what you say about the sun! That is beautiful. I agree. Faith is the light in the darkness. Keep on walking towards it! It only gets brighter.
      God’s peace,

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