The Sanctuary by Samantha Marinelli

Search for a place. A different one. One that has not been sought before. Use your imagination. Where is your happy place? And that do you do there? Go there. Do you prefer this place of dreams or the reality? Now, stop. Go back to the real world.
Torture comes from reality, and from the people that one cannot control. We need control in life, so we create other worlds, ones that are different for each person. Although all people are different, we are also similar in that we have the same idea of how to stop our bad thoughts. We travel. We travel to different places that do not exist in reality but bring hope for the future. If it is stress or a disaster, your place always brings relief.
Now, stop. Return to your fantasy. Don’t tell anyone where it is, because if you don’t have control, it will no longer be happy. For the sanity of everyone, save the secret of your fantastic world. Keep the secret for the rest of life. No one may enter it without permission because you have the control. The imagination is a place that controls, and it is forever in your control.
And now, back to reality. You don’t need the happy place yet. Wait until a time when you need relief. The best thing about your dreamland is that it is in imagination, so it is always there when you need it. But when you return, look around your other world. Appreciate your sanctuary.

3 comentarios sobre “The Sanctuary by Samantha Marinelli

  1. I absolutely love this! It’s really interesting to me how you call this place your sanctuary. The way that you talk about it, it is a place that you can completely control at a time when you need somewhere to escape from reality. The part that I’m the most curious about is when you say «For the sanity of everyone, save the secret of your fantastic world»… Why does this world have to be somewhere that you can’t share with anyone? And, is this truly to protect others or is it to ensure your own protection?

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