Courage in War and Life in Nicaragua

Courage transforms life. In the case of the women Sandinistas in Nicaragua, courage transformed the life and identity of a country. The machismo culture had survived in Nicaragua for almost all of its history, its influence strong during the Somoza dictatorship. Some women believed in the Sandinista cause, starting the fight against sexism side by side to the fight against the dictatorship. These women had many incentives to join the Sandinista cause, such as the promise of an improved education system, health care, and “The Emancipation of the Women.” This included the assurance of the equality of the sexes- almost everything between the elimination of prostitution to childcare for working mothers. When these women joined the cause, their roles were just as important as their male counterparts. They fought with the guerillas in the fields and with the political intellectuals, helping the cause on each front. It was not common for soldiers to talk about the equality of the sexes, the women practiced this belief with their actions in the revolution. And with this, their identities changed. They did not lose their roles of wives and mothers, they justed add the role of the soldier. This was a huge change for the family, which shows just how important the cause was for them. The identity of their daughters also changed with the action of their mothers. Now, the women of Nicaragua have more rights and equality than any other moment in their history. They have the choice to work or to take care of children, and their political participation is at record highs. All this because a couple of women joined together to take the brave step towards a better future.

2 comentarios sobre “Courage in War and Life in Nicaragua

  1. Very interesting analysis of the time period and the role of women. It would be interesting to explore to what extent this culture of «Machismo» continues to exist throughout Central and South America.

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