What I learned by Samantha Marinelli

What I Learned 

by Samantha Marinelli

While I was writing this essay, I had to research a lot through questioning and reading. I learned that El Salvador was a very dangerous country during the civil war and for almost seventy years had no stable government. After asking Felix Ulloa my questions, the expert from El Salvador, I understood how difficult it was to live in the country at that time. I can not imagine how horrible it was for people because they could not do anything unless the government approved . My essay is about propaganda in El Salvador, from both the rebels and the government, and it was interesting to see how people reacted to the two groups. It was also interesting that people did not want the help of the United States because in the US we believe we can help everyone, but El Salvador showed that is not always the truth . Finally, I realized that each country has different ideas of government, and it is very difficult to fight for human rights.

2 comentarios sobre “What I learned by Samantha Marinelli

  1. Have you considered the current state of affairs in El Salvador today? What role does crime play in shaping the social, economic and political culture? Are their any lasting effects of the Civil War?

    1. Currently El Salvador is a representative democracy but because elections were «rigged» for electing a president, which is what led to many dictators keeping power, there is still definitely some political tension. As far as crime El Salvador, it has been greatly reduced but the real problems come from gangs that formed during the dictatorships.

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