Dictator Essay Summary on El Salvador

maraThe civil war in El Salvador was a tragic event with many deaths.  It started when the Farabundo Martí National formed a rebellion against the president, Carlos Romero, due to differing political opinions.  To cope with the painful and depressing event, the citizens of El Salvador came together and protected each other.  For example, many donated money, served as messengers to the soldiers, and worked with medicine and weapons.

Unfortunately, some of the citizens dealt with the war in a negative way.  Many combatants of the war moved to the United States in attempt to better their lives.  However, when these individuals arrived, they could not find work and many lived in poor neighborhoods.  After feeling threatened by gangs in the area, these people formed their own gang, called Mara Salvatrucha.  This gang is known for the tattoos that cover their bodies, and especially for their felonies in the United States, which includes assassinations, abductions, and drug trafficking.  With the desire to improve their life, many of the members of Mara Salvatrucha try to escape the gang.  However, this is difficult because Mara Salvatrucha does not permit anyone to leave the gang, and if they find an escapee, this individual is assassinated.  Luckily, today there are many organizations to support these people and the ex-gang members can finally live a better life.

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