Crime and Justice in El Salvador

In the United States, we don’t learn anything about El Salvador in history class. When I studied El Salvador for my essay, I was learning everything for the first time. Ironically, this ties into the theme of my essay. The theme was that the poor tend to not have a voice against the rich and the powerful. In the United States, a very rich country, we do not hear the stories of people like Roque Dalton or Marcelo Rivera, relatively poor Salvadorans. I learned in my research that both of these men fought those holding power in El Salvador – and both lost their lives as a result. I focused on Marcelo Rivera, the activist that was assassinated. The truth was that Marcelo was one of five activists against Pacific Rim that were murdered, including a woman eight months pregnant. Sadly, I learned these crimes were carried out without justice in El Salvador; nobody knows who the murderer (the one who ordered the murders, not the one who pulled the trigger) is today. In 1975, leftist rebels killed Roque Dalton. These rebels believed that Daton was a CIA agent; a mole for the United States. This was a serious charge as during this time, the United States financed the oppressive Salvadoran dictator.

Overall, I learned that there is injustice in El Salvador today, and the unfortunate truth is that the rich try their best to ignore this injustice, which at times might seem inconvenient to face. I believe the benefit of living in the United States is that we can more aware of these injustices, less restricted by censorship or poverty those in poorer countries face. We have more opportunity to fight these injustices and help people that don’t have the same rights we enjoy.

5 comentarios sobre “Crime and Justice in El Salvador

  1. Thank your for reading, I’m glad you found it interesting. My partner Nicole actually dealt with gang activity in El Salvador, but I would agree it is just as large a problem as political assassinations.

  2. Intersting article, good to think about that. I think that the government still change things and kill people to save their positions and moneys. Hope that it will be cleared one day 🙂

  3. Nice article:-) forced me to stop and thought, how justice works for us and where is the difference between the system in El Salvador and in our country. What about Kajínek? It’s also a mystery whether such a monster, how many people saw him. And they do not want to reopen the process, just because it would be some politicians or well-built people might not quite fit … I hope that one day murder will be solve even though it’s been a long time since they have been done and they will deservedly punished. But the truth have always wins, right?

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