The Yankees

During the revolution, there were Americans that went down to Nicaragua to fight to help the Sandinistas. There were many people who were there for maybe weeks or months. They built schools, bridges, health clinics, and helped grow food for the people who had lost so much in the war. The United States did not like the Sandinistas in Nicaragua therefore did not help the people of Nicaragua. Americans who wanted to help and believed in the ideals to help the poor and less fortunate, went to Nicaragua. Now there is not a war in Nicaragua, however there are organizations to go to Nicaragua to help the people that are still in need. There is the Peace Corps that is very popular in many parts of the world. There are currently 164 people as volunteers in Nicaragua. These volunteers teach children English as well as helping to give health care because there are not the same health conditions there that we have in the United States. The second organization that helps a lot with things like is the Friends of the Americas Program which are students that volunteer in Nicaragua. The amount of volunteers that go to Nicaragua is interesting because there were people during the revolution that went to help and people still do when people are in need.

2 comentarios sobre “The Yankees

  1. Interesting, have you considered exploring Carlos Fonseca and the ideological beliefs of the Sandinistas and how this may have contributed to our fear of their control in a Latin American country with in our sphere of influence?

    1. I have not looked into Carlos Fonseca, but he would be very interesting to look into and could clarify some of the hesitations to the Sandinistas.

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