The Mosaic

Three students. They were almost indiscernible from the other students at their university, but tragically they had one difference. They were Muslim. This difference was the caused the end of their lives. Their neighbor had problems with almost everyone in the neighborhood, about their parking. But, these three neighbors were the ones who had to suffer the consequences of the anger of their neighbor. To the other neighbors, this problem was only an annoyance, but to these three students, this problem was the biggest tragedy in the life of a family. They were greater victims to their neighbors only because of one aspect of their identity. It was not important to their murderer that they had other incredible qualities like their intelligence or compassion. They stood apart from the rest of the neighbors because they were Muslim. They were the bigger target, more vulnerable because of this one trait. This makes me think about the individual parts of my identity. Are any of them deserving of hate? I think not. A person is an incredible masterpiece, a mosaic, of all of their parts. Even if you do not like a part of a person, this does not mean that they are deserving or hate or death. To hate a person solely based on one part of their identity is to be the greatest coward possible. If you do not have the heart to get to know all of the different parts that make up a person, you do not deserve the dignity of friendship with any person. It is a sad fact in this world that the people who have this perspective are also the people who hold the power to cause pain to the innocents.

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