La Gordita de Oro by Samantha Marinelli

Imagination is an art form that should be celebrated by all people. Your imagination and the imagination of others must be recognized because this type of art is the most magical and special. During the week of Valentine’s Day, Nicaragua hosted the Third International Festival of Bolero. This year Nicaragua paid tribute to the famous singer Marina Cardenas. She died in October 2014 but she is remembered through her music and talent. She was given the name «La Gordita de Oro» to show her creativity and personality, both of which contributed to creating her art. The arts are very important to people, as is demonstrated by the tribute to the singer. Music, dancing, drawing, and all types of art are helpful to people worldwide. Art helps people to understand their emotions. Without art we would have no method to express ourselves. The art brings us to our imaginations so we can create, think, and live. Nicaraguans celebrated the life and music of Marina Cárdenas because her talent brings happiness to those who were there and worldwide. Art in all places gives new emotions: happiness, sadness, and more. People think and act in accordance with art and then express themselves through art as well. Art is a circle of emotion and free expression that should be celebrated by people, as it was in Nicaragua last week.

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