Ebola in the United States

When the Ebola outbreak occurred in the United States, people truly didn’t know how to react. Many people had over the top reactions when they stayed inside and refused to talk to anyone who hadn’t recently been checked out by a doctor. People refused to travel, fearing that they would be trapped in an airplane with someone who had the virus. So why was it so easy for Americans to let Ebola gain control over their lives?

Emile Ouamouno, also known as patient 0, contracted the virus when living in a small rainforest village in South Guinea. It is still unclear how he got the virus in the first place. Some doctors believe that it could have been spread easily from a plant or an animal. Bottom line is, it could have been anyone. This little boy lost his life because he was playing with the wrong plant, and his own village did not have enough medical supplies and knowledge to help him.

Americans who found out about the virus were not happy that it was able to reach America. Their solution to the problem was to lock themselves up with their family and wait for doctors in the United States to find a cure. People were angry that the government was not able to control the virus and keep it out of the country.

Emile Ouamouno did not have the chance to hide away in his house and wait for his doctors to find a cure for the Ebola virus. He got the virus from playing in the woods, a thing that a million little boys in the United States do every day. The real insanity was not the way that people reacted when the Ebola virus came to the United States, but the reason that they were going insane. It was not because that such a powerful virus exists, but the fact that it exists in the United States.

2 comentarios sobre “Ebola in the United States

  1. The theme of this article is very interesting. I think that the author of the article thinks logically and clearly. The structure is clear and clean, well-structured paragraphs. Ebola is a topic much debated in human society. Ebola is a problem worldwide.

    Immediately after finding the first case of got everybody scared of subsequent expansion not only in the United States. I agree with the author that a lot of people wanted from the risk of how Ebola is to flee or hide. However, nobody can and can not predict what will happen. People in the United States feared the law, but no one on the planet can not be sure that the disease does not get. This disease does not choose.

    I admire the sincerity of the author and that he said to debunk the position of the United States and the global společnoski interlocks.

    The theme of the article and I really liked.

    1. I agree that few people care about the Ebola virus at least for the time when it was only in Africa. And finding a cure even if many people were dying really didn’t matter to them because it didn’t affect their lives in any way. For most people Ebola has been just news on TV or on Internet.
      The good example of indifference can be the Americans. As soon they found out about Emile Ouamouno (even if they knew about the virus before) only now started to blame their government for not doing enough about the problem. And as you said they started relying on extreme measures to protect themselves by killing all contact with the outside world and remaining so until the doctors would find a cure or until the American ground would yet again be clean of the virus. In my opinion, if the Americans (with some other countries too) that have an advanced medical system (possibility to research) and a great influence on the rest of the world would have started to act on the problem as soon as it was discovered, the virus spreading would have been minimized or even stopped altogether. What I’m trying to spread in my message is that people should start to care about other peoples problems even if it doesn’t concern them at the moment it most likely will in future.

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