Girls Taking the Adventure to Join ISIS

When people go out on an adventure, it is usually something new for them to do for themselves. They want to do something new or exciting. Or because they may feel that it is the right thing to do. This is the same case for the three girls from England that are going to Syria to fight with ISIS. They are three teenage Muslim girls that have been recruited to join this terrorist group. Their families do not want them to join the group and have begged them to come home. The girls flew to Turkey and from there are planning to cross the boarder to Syria.

This is very interesting that these girls are taking this adventure, as well as sad. They are so young and what they may think is right or exciting now, may not actually be. They want to join a terrorist group like this which is a guarantee to be a huge adventure. But not a happy adventure. Not one that is filled with joy and amazing memories. It is very sad because nobody knows what will happen. Nobody can tell what this adventure will lead them to do. Nobody knows how long they may even survive. Adventure is often seen as something so exciting, new, and fun, although in a case like this it is really not like that. Nobody knows what it could lead to.

Un comentario sobre “Girls Taking the Adventure to Join ISIS

  1. In this article has written that nobody knows what will happen with these girls in terrorist group. Really? In this case, I will allow myself to write some thoughts and hope that I can stay a realist.
    One of the points of unwritten constitution of ISIS (“Islamic State in Iraq and Syria”) stipulates that the opponents of (radical) Sunni faith must be exterminated. Young Muslim girls, of course, with joy change the religion, the price of which they don`t know, but who said that the leaders of this organization want to see in its ranks someone other than Arabs and Syrians? The value of the lives of these girls will be low.
    The bit of global perspective: in the recent past by the US atomic bomb Syria was saved only thanks to the intervention of the Russian foreign policy. Obama’s presidential term finishes, so now he mustn`t control the effect of his political decisions on his reputation and the trust of voters. The massive military attack is the classical solution of all democratic US problems in eastern countries, so who at this time will save the inhabitants and these immigrant girls from England? Unknown.

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