For my Friends…

High school is the time when you find out who you are, what interests you, how you want to spend the rest of your life, and how you differ from every other person.  In this time, you make many relationships, whether it be with classmates, teammates, teachers or coaches.  However, we only call a small number of these people our friends – who help us through our highschool career and the stresses of growing up and becoming an adult.  Our friends teach us lessons, talk us through tough situations, and no matter what, they love us for who we are.  They make us laugh when we want to cry, or more often, make us cry laughing.  They make us happy, occasionally sad and angry, but all in all we never want to have to say goodbye to them.

Unfortunately, as senior year begins to end, we start realizing that soon we aren’t going to see our friends everyday anymore.  We hope we will keep in touch with them, but we never know if we actually will.  However, whether friends stay in touch after high school or drift apart, one thing remains the same- we will never forget about these people and they will be in our hearts forever.

This idea is what helped me choose the quote, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends wil leave footprints in your heart,” by Eleanor Roosevelt, as my senior quote at the beginning of the year.  This quote struck me and made me realize all the great friends I would be leaving after I graduate high school.  Whether they already graduated, are graduating with me, or after me, I can proudly say that they have “left footprints in my heart.”

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  1. In all part of our lives, our friends come and leave. Some of them stay for a long time, some only for a moment. But we have them (they remain) in our hearts for a long time after they have left us.
    I changed my university and city, where I studied and I don’t see my friends from the former university every week as before. But we have the internet, so we can still be in touch and we also meet.
    It is life. It is important to be happy that we meet and we could be friends and spend a piece of our lives together. Don’t be sad for a long time, because your friends went away, be happy for them and be happy for your new friends, who you can meet every day.
    I remember my friends from my high school, too. We were four years in the same class. We spent every day at school together and we enjoyed school trips. Now we have meetings with that class and the class master frequently. A schoolmate of mine from the high school is studying the same university like me and I am happy for this, because we often meet in a train during the journey to school.

  2. The question we ask ourselves several times in a lifetime, mostly when we finish school (elementary, high, university) is – Will we continue to see our friends, after that our way will split up? – it’s really sad when we look back our reactions after we finish each other level of school.
    After the elementary school, we are still young and naive, and we can’t imagine our world without the guys we were seeing for long 9 years. We promise to each other, that we will stay together, that we will go out every day and maybe a during a few starting months at high school, we are succesfully fulfiling our promises. But after that we have homework, lot of thing to study, and we met new people in our new class. Contact with our classmate of elementary school becoming weaker and weaker…
    After high school I said myself – never more. Maybe this is thanks of facebook, or others social networks, but me and my friends, we are meet each other most often how it’s possible. We are going to the pub, play football and many others activity. I don’t want the same situation as with my classmate from elementary, so I decide to fight for it! I hope we stay together the longest as possible, because – what is the life without the friends? 😉

    1. I hope I can still see my high school friends after I graduate and go to college! Hopefully social networking can help me do this because it is sad to think about losing friends who you have spent so much time with.

  3. I wouldn´t see this situation so pessimistically. In my opinion, it´s normal, that you won´t seeing friends from elementary school so often, because elementary school is too general. Of course you will seeing some of them. For me it´s about four-five people.
    But at high school you will meet people who have similar notion about future live as you. I met many best friends at high school and we still keep in touch with each others. Even now, when we all split up to many universities around our republic. I think if you have time, understanding and you want it, it won´t be problem to meet your friends normally.
    Me and my friends have some many experience, funny moments. And if you have this moments with your friends, it´s imposible to stop meeting up. Also nowadays there are so many possibilities how to connect with friends. So in the end i think it´s not so big problem. 🙂

    1. Hopefully my friends and I will be able to see each other often just like you and your friends were able to. However, it will still be sad and difficult not seeing them everyday like I do now.

  4. It´s really unbelievable how people changes their minds during life. When we were young we have so many friends. But do you still remember their full names or it´s just a girl that I was playing with at the playground?
    In my opinion it´s true, that we make the real friendship at the high school. It´s because in this time we create our personality, we have a lot of hobbies and we have the most occasions to meet new people. We are convinced, that this friendships are for all life but only time will show.
    It´s been three years since I finished high school and I have to say that I´m a little bit surprised. I´m not used to seeing my best friends. One is an au-pair in Switzerland, one got married and it´s really hard to make time. In this case facebook and skype are necessary helpers and I´m glad that we can be still in touch.

    1. I agree that we make many friendships in high school due to our own personalities and hobbies that we have. Therefore, I also think things like Facebook and skype are helpful for maintaining these friendships.

  5. When I think of my life at any phase it is the same as in that article. At each school,I has chase and I met a lot of new people either bad or good from which became my friends and fous.
    I like remember at some though not maintain contact with them.
    Not having the friends, so we’re just walking the lonely debris. Friends together with family are the people who give meaning to our lives.
    That is life, people come and go. Some, mostly those true friends will stay as it has been written in quotation,, Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints wil in your heart“. Some is amanded, and some are trying to change us. In this case, it is not good friends and we can be happy that our life just passed.
    This article I liked how it was written.

  6. Friends are the main part of my life. They create my cloudy days sunny. I have a lot of friends but only few the best. But in the article i red about school. In primary chool a had a lot of friends we were young and we did not solve anything. We had a crew of 5 girls. We did everithyng together. Now we do not have a lot of time to do everithing together bud once a month we meet in some cafe and we talk with a good wine. In sports gymnazium we had a great class. But a lot of schoolmates were on hostel and they liv in other cities. We meet only twice a year on a ball or in some pub. Šárka liv in pardubice, she studied with me on gymnazium and we meet together often. Now I am study at university and I hope that my new friends will become my old good friends .)

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