Words are the strongest emotion

Words have power — strength.

They scratch the itch of feelings that are stuck in our bodies.

Those feelings get stuck and push on our guts.

Words give us courage to act upon feelings. Words flow and speak throughout our bodies.

Sometimes, words are spoken through music,

silence and body motions

These unspoken words radiate and send out feelings in the air for others to feel

Words express love in many manners: silence, music, presence, contact

The sounds, body movements, eyes, hands, body heat all bounce words into the air

Words are love

Your words pump through my veins following my blood, sparking love in my heart, that course through my brain.

Your voice speaks the words that warm my heart and have forever left their mark.

The sound: deep, scruffy, full of feeling and grace

Your voice gives those words meaning when spoken.

“You are, at the moment, the only girl that conquered my heart”

Words give warmth

“I love when you are smiling”

Words give confidence— to continue on

“Please, come here”                      Words give feeling and

“You are my pretty girl”


What’s spoken between lips whisper love in the air, in my ears, to the world

expressing love

“Te quiero, amor mío”–languages are not barriers to meaning and feeling

Words from across the ocean, my memories carry them through the waves, floating



The world fights for souls to be together

Love keeps some souls sewed together by the pieces of hearts

Those pieces make up family, friends and our lives going through the motions

But there’s always one piece missing in our souls;

that of a love that will carry us till we die.

That loves words and life fill that missing piece and when found, that is when

love has prevailed & put together two souls

Some pieces already exist in our hearts when we are born.

Those pieces are from the love of people around us in our early life:

“I love you” is that piece.


“I love you” from a mother is unconditional and help us build our life.


“I love you” from friends and those around us provide comfort

and touches our hearts with warm serenity and comfort.


“I love you” from a lover magically fills the missing piece.


Words touch places in our hearts that fill life with color

They fill your heart so much it wants to jump through your chest

You sing and exhale these words and they color all they touch

Love is color, is everything

“You have to savor words. You have to let them melt in your mouth,” page 74 from Burning Patience by Antonio Skarmeta

4 comentarios sobre “Words

  1. I chose this topic because it is very interesting to me, and if anyone reads it and finds that even incredibly true.
    This article I really liked and also inspired me. Everyone should think about what they say than it is drained out of his mouth, then he’s not undo. Words that can say a lot of it is not only unnecessary phrases. How it is broken down in this article, words can say nice things to please but also those who are warm at heart, and you man remembers even longer than those who hear nice words like
    I think the author of this article is beautifully written and captured the true meaning of the word.
    Like one part of which the author wrote.
    Words give warmth
    “I love when you are smiling”
    Words give konfidence — to continue on
    “Please, come here”
    Words give feeling and
    “You are my pretty girl”
    I think that, in my opinion, even the author’s words are important and life-bey have no life.

  2. Yes. This is very interesting topic, which has strenght. I agree with author from the first word of this topic to the last word.
    In this topis is wonderfully shown the meaning of the word – WORD.
    The most important sentence of this topic for me is described only with three words „Words are love“. That totally got me! Because it is absolutely true!
    I hope that many people will read this too and think about that. Because the words are the easiest way, how to make someone happy or help him and also make a better world.
    I think that it is our biggest weapon and it very depends, how the words are said and from who the words are.
    I would like to thank the author for this wonderful topic and I hope that he will write many topics like that. Topics which inspire people, open their eyes and show them that the important things are hidden in details.

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