Writer’s Block

I can not get past this paper…. I am imprisoned by pen and blank page …
Yes stomach, I hear you… But I can not indulge in the chocolate trance.

I need to write…. I need to free myself of these chains…


Ideas compulsively running and interweaving into broad topics to start

but they’re not good enough… not good… not anything.

Blank page, White space anxiously staring me in the face

But giving nothing… no inspiration, but grasping at my last motivation.

My mind, looted of valid thoughts is muddled by mediocre words

But, it’s never what I want


I crave words. Not just any words, but the ones that fit my page like a glove. The ones that fit just right.

I reach for originality. Something that sets me apart from any other. Something that makes my words something to remember. Uniqueness.

I strive for that high. That thrill you feel when you not only complete, but dominate. Meet expectations, but exceed them. Not only getting approval, but earning it.


I have to write this. Not only for my grade, but for my sanity …

But the words seem to just slip away…

Where do they go? Why do they escape me? What are they running from?


A simple word

9 letters.

3 syllables

But, a block. A road block that slows me down. A writer’s block that cripples me.


The want. The need.

The desire to use my ability to craft words.

To say something. To say anything about obsession.

I can’t.

I will never.

Wait… I just did.

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