The Adventure of Travel

Traveling to another place is the biggest adventure you can experience.  You are being pushed away from what you may know and out of your comfort zone.  You do not know the customs or cultures, or maybe even the language.  No matter how much you may think you know from researching the place, you still do not know what it is really like.

Traveling to new places is my favorite thing to do.  Going somewhere new and trying something you have never done before is so exciting.  You learn more then you could ever hope to imagine.  I have been lucky enough to travel to many different places in the United States, as well as Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Switzerland.  It has let me see how people around the world live and what their life is like every day.  Traveling and the adventure you have is something that my family has always encouraged.  My grandparents have been to almost every country you think of from places in Europe such as England and Spain, to all over Asia and South America.  They have showed me pictures of so many different adventures they have taken over the years.

The travels that I have had are experiences that I could not have any other way.  In Malaysia, people live so differently than imaginable from us in the United States.  We traveled out of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur to see the Batu Caves.  These caves are one hundred eighty-two steps up and a Hindu temple.  People go and walk up these steps bare foot to go and pray with monkeys surrounding them.  The monkeys have no problem approaching people and taking their food.  And once you get up the stairs there are Hindu god statues there for prayer.  In the rest of the country, it is very much like being in a country in the Middle East.  People follow their strict Muslim beliefs where the women wear burkas and do not talk to others, and everyone prays five times a day as the mosques call for prayer.  This experience is like no other that you would have here in the United States.

Another place that was like no other was Thailand where I stayed for two weeks.  Something so simple as driving is so different.  There are no rules that you must stay in particular lanes or drive at certain speed limits.  People drive whichever way they like and there is nothing stopping them.  They may park on the sidewalks or drive on either side of the road.  And the motorcycles are not even possible to explain.  The motorcycles wind in between cars driving and parked, and are even used as taxis.  They do not care if people are in the way, they drive any way that they want.  The taxi’s are called Tuk-Tuks which are motorcycles with little carts on the back of them where people sit.  They drive so fast that you feel you may fall off.  And that is just the adventure of going from one place to another.

Then riding an elephant in Thailand at an elephant farm was so different than any other possible form of transportation.  There was a bench on the back of the elephant that we rode through a rainforest on.  After going through the rainforest we walked through a river which was so exciting and nerve wracking.  You look down into the muddy water and just imagine that you could fall right off into that water.  Then as you walk through the water you get the chance to sit on the neck of the elephant, the weirdest experience I have ever had.

There is also a floating market goes on a canal through little villages in the countryside of Thailand.  Instead of having streets surrounding like most city blocks, they are canals.  It is very often referred to as the “Venice of the East.”  Everyone rides up and down it in little boats, selling and buying food and things that they have made.  It is an adventure you could never experience elsewhere and the strangest shopping trip you have ever been on.

Traveling around the world to places such as Malaysia and Thailand are the biggest adventures I have ever been on.  Travel is the way that you are able to truly learn about other cultures and what it is like for people around the world.  You take the first step to travel to a new place and an adventure is formed.  In this you see those different cultures and learn how differently we all live.  We all live in such different ways, and have different beliefs, but yet we all have so many similarities.

3 comentarios sobre “The Adventure of Travel

  1. I am envious of your travelling experiences in such amazing places. I travel too of course, but only European cities, mountains or summer resorts. I have always wanted to travel round the world, especially exotic regions like India, Egypt, Mexico, Nepal or criss-cross USA and Africa. Maybe it is only excuse, but I don’t have time and funds for such a demanding travelling. But I hope that it changes.
    I agree that travelling is the way to learn something new about other cultures and people. It is very interesting to compare different nations, their behaviour, customs, traditions and relationship among people. That’s what I love about Italy and why I go there often.
    There are also a few things you can learn about yourself during travelling. I know some people who changed after coming back from abroad. They got to know foreign culture and their lifestyle. After this experience they changed life attitude – calm down, create new personal philosophy and rethink priority list.

  2. I also really love traveling. Unfortunately my family has never traveled to foreign countries. On the other hand we visited every corner of our own country – the Czech Republic. And I´m absolutely satisfied with that because I think that it is important firstly know everything about native country.
    Personally I also traveled to England, Italy or Switzerland. But my dream is visit more exotic countries such as South America or Asian counties so I´m absolutely excited from your talking about Thailand. You have so nice experience. I am jealous of you.
    I hope I will saving enough money for it from my summer job, because I suppose it is not cheap thing and may be next year I will get an opportunity to travel there. Perhaps I also experience so exciting adventure as you in Thailand.
    I wish you more and more experiences and travels like that, because you are right … it´s important, interesting and exciting discover new places and learn different cultures.

  3. The article is about the adventure of travel. The article consists of seven paragraphs. The writing is very well organized and clearly structured and content is appropriate. The article is written in interesting, entertaining and informative style. As far as I am concerned, sentences in the article are understandable. Some information in the article are useful, because the traveling broadens the mind.
    As for me, I agree with most of opinion, because the travel is the way that you are able to learn about other cultures and what it is like for people around the world. In my opinion, the travel is important to learn a foreign language. I think, the adventure of travel is a very good experience for your life. I would like to visit South America and carnival in Rio de Janeiro or just go camping in the Czech Republic and discover interesting places. On the other hand, there are a problems for ex. with diseases, diferent foods, public transport or hygienic conditions.
    Martina Linková

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