The Evolution of Faith


He was cradled and crying but free and forgiven.

A pure infant, his journey beginning here.

Hands were outstretched,

A desire for something greater.


Year passed and he stands amongst many more.

The girls in white, the boys in black.

I watched the boy parade, up hands open,

Palms up, ready to take in the body and blood.


Christ was in him. Christ shown through him.

I saw him every Sunday with his family.

And I saw him every Tuesday night with his friends.

Bible in hand and mind ready to learn.


Religious education came to a closing,

But on that day, he was confirmed.

The holy spirit uniting his soul, filling the empty pieces.

The life of Jesus being a catalyst for his own.


So he came regularly. Third pew, never late.

But an underclassman became and upperclassmen.

And his presence disappeared.

The eagerness in his eyes was hidden.


The pressure and opinions of society were heavy.

They overcame and overpowered.

Although the flame inside him still burned,

Yet, he kept it hidden, protecting the truth.


Years of non attendance and that empty third pew.

But the power of God was stronger than time.

That boy returned on hands and knees.

And there he sat years later in the third pew this time.

So life continued and “I do” came along.

And there he stood like the day of communion.

Black tuxedo, nervous but ready,

As she in white, walked down the aisle.


Their life united by God. A promise. A covenant.

Time passed and children came. Their presence blessed his life.

And every Sunday the family of five sat third pew.

Children wide eyed and eager to learn.


God blessed their life.

And he was forever thankful.

A devout man of faith.

A beacon of light.


Children grew, and gospels were read.

He grew older with every Sunday that passed.

And now the chapel he once sat at was filled.

Surrounded by those who loved him.


The day was sad and those there were dressed in black,

But the day was a celebration of life.

Death could not overpower because of faith.

The faith of life after death.


The knowledge that his life was true.

His journey was once directed by God.

Every breath once taken was one filled by Christ.

And every action was done through God’s love.


For me, it was every sunday with my family.

Doubt and anger were my roadblock

But faith was stronger,

And I came back knocking on God’s door.


The evolution of faith is complex.

People come and go, some to return, some to not.

But the power of God is stronger than everything.

And the power of God is life.

2 comentarios sobre “The Evolution of Faith

  1. When I read your lines about faith I realize what believers have life . They have principles that do not infringe.For example Sunday meetings, literary speech, Regular reading of the Bible or faithfulness to God. At one time I also went to church. I stopped because I was disappointed. In the beginning I felt very well among believers. I was like my family , I could tell them everything. But then I witnessed one event. Choir member named Alice was cheated by her husband . She was a member and elder care are mainly small children in the church . She was a member of elder and care mainly looked after small children in the church . When she found out that her man is cheating , she filed for divorce . I thought that it will support the church . But they forbade her to work with children because it could be a bad example . In the Church there are many good things . However, this was a big disappointment for me .

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