Cold Friendships

How did something I loved become so unwelcoming and frigid?  How could one of my favorite pastimes turn into something so dreaded, leaving me in tears and making me feel like an outcast?  Maybe it’s just because now everyone is so cold….bitter…and uncaring.

I remember when everything was different; when everything was laughs and good times.  My friends made it that way.  But where are they?

Some went off to college, to do bigger and better things, but sadly leaving a stiff wall between us and an unfriendly gap between our lives.

Others have become strangers, turning into new people and giving me the cold-shoulder whenever they see me.

But saddest of all, some have met new people, leaving me… replacing me.  It’s sad to think that someone who you shared everything, from secrets, to clothes, to entire days with, could leave you behind without realizing it.  Someone you thought was your best friend, becoming unsympathetic and unwelcoming to you.

So what do I do now about all these frozen feelings and friends?  Do I continue to do what I used to love without them?   Or do I need them in order to have fun and love what I’m doing?  The answer will come, but for now I just want to go back in time.

4 comentarios sobre “Cold Friendships

  1. Good friends are wonderful. They’re there to support you and to help you. They make you laugh and feel good. I’m lucky, I have two very good friends. Sure, I have lots of other friends. But these two people, I would take a bullet for. But some friends can bring tears to your eyes.
    I’ve lost a very good friend recently… Well, maybe he was more than a friend. We liked each other, smiled together.. But then he done me a terrible thing and I was worried about him.. I couldn’t believe that he behave to me so terribly, rude…But now I’m glad that I never see him … he was dud but before it I think, that he is the most wonderful man in the world.
    So don’t be worry about it. That’s life. People come and someone go, and I believe that is destiny. I also believe that you find new and better friends. You must be positive, because people who don’t know you, definitely like your smile more than your upset face.

  2. I have to agree, because in my opinion there are more and more people who are selfish. They want to see your mistakes and they like when you make a hash of. Saddest of all, they could be your friends. On the other hand, it is depends on the type of people. I belive that there are still people who want to help you everytime you need. However it is difficult to differentiate these people from false friends.

    I want to have nice, kind and caring people around me, however it is a long way to knowledge. I belive that I can have good- natured friends. I belive that one day I can do it. One day I may find them.

    1. It is very true that many people want to see your mistakes and failures, even if they are your friends. I have experienced this several times, but I believe with time, you will find good-natured friends who truely care about you.

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