Prisoner of Love

Prison Record

Prisoner ID: L5O6V8E3


Date of Incarceration: November 14, 2012


Crime: Prisoner of Love


Sentence: Life Sentence

Prisoner’s Testimony:

Day of trial: January 25, 2013 (4:26 PM)

“I fell hard. I feel fast. And I feel completely.


Within a matter of seconds, he stole me… My ability to resist, my ability to concentrate, my ability to love another.


I fell captive to him; his eyes, his laugh, his smile.





Obsessed with him. Obsessed with the idea of him. Obsessed with the idea of him and me.


It did not take long to fall…

Fall completely enamored,



On fire.


My love for him burns as hot as the desert sun.

My blood

Boiling and coursing through my veins, yearning for him.

My face

Painted scarlet when I hear his name, flushed with excitement, emotion, and desperation

My tears

Steaming down my face, burning my cheeks as they fall.

My passion

A fire that not can never be extinguished. It’s light and warmth is everlasting.


I am not afraid of the punishment I will be facing today… Because I am already a prisoner.

A prisoner of desperation.

A prisoner of dependency.

A prisoner of love.


The bars in front of my face are meant to confine me.

But they can’t.

The isolation is meant to make me cry

But it won’t


I am a prisoner of love, shackled by obsession.

And I will serve a life sentence…”

2 comentarios sobre “Prisoner of Love

  1. Is love really crime?

    I do not think it. Sometimes we cannot choose who we fall in love, for who we will suffer and control our emotion. Love always comes when you least expect it. It´s life. And sometimes life is suck.

    Yes, I suffer for love too. I always see all with pink glasses – the great future, happens and endless love. But the reality is different. You are sitting and checking your phone when the person finally write to you. You are checking his/her profile on facebook or Instagram. You begin to panic but also you are angry. Why the person cannot send you message? Why? When was everything so nice and beautiful when you was spending time together? The kisses were full of passion. And now you are starting blame yourself what did you do wrong. Maybe your heart starting break. It´s hurts long time. And it´s not crime love someone. It´s crime when the person who love just use you and do not see what you fell.

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