Do you see that girl there? It is easy to see. With long blonde hair, eyes as immense as the vast blue sea, and a muscular yet fragile body: she is beautiful. She is even more than beautiful, she is the personification of the hope of spring. You can see this from your first glance at her. But, to see if she is truly beautiful, you need to look harder. To find beauty, you need to take time. What does she feel when she sees happy movies? Sad ones? How does she talk to her best friends? Complete strangers? It is when you know the secrets, the desires and quirks of a person that you can first begin to judge their beauty. These are the characteristics which make up beauty, they are the little hidden treasures which are waiting to be found in each person. Their beauty is much like the wings of a butterfly, only to be revealed after a period of patience.

Like the ugly step sisters in Cinderella, a person can be perfect on the outside, but ugly and rotten on the inside. On the other hand, you can find a Cinderella who is the paradigm of beauty. This is the same with people who are considered ugly: inside, they could be more beautiful than any fairytale princess. This is one of the most exciting truths about life. You need to take risk to appreciate all of the beauty that a person- and the world for that matter- has to offer. Like winter, physical beauty is fleeting, you need to wait for the eternal spring of identity.

7 comentarios sobre “Beauty

  1. I think media still make a pressure on us. We can see perfect bodies and faces everywhere and sometimes it is hard to realize that it is not reality. People (mostly girls and women) keep crazy diets to approach this ideal. But fortunately people more and more think about food and health. They more and more eat and search for healthy, fresh and organic food. Beauty for me is being a good honest person, who cares about his health. Because when you are healthy, you feel great and you are happy other people can see it. Inside beauty is important and everyone knows it. You can be a model but if you are bad person you are not beautiful all in all. But outside beauty is also quite important. If it is not we wouldn’t talk about first impression. So I think that when you care about yourself, you are healthy, satisfied, upstanding and yourself you are beautiful.

    1. I totally agree with you! There is definitely balance that people need to consider while thinking about beauty. I also agree that being healthy is one of the most important things- not just physical healthiness but mental and spiritual healthiness as well. When someone is happy in their skin it definitely shows.

  2. Yes I agree with you both. I think people are influenced by the media to think about the beauty of what they «dictate» and not your opinion on beauty for your business success.
    Few people can not be «sheep in the herd» and have your opinion on beauty and can find real beauty, like artists and kind people with «good heart» and healthy soul.
    The source of beauty or pretty is pure soul, pure intentions and humility. These properties are the most valuable. 🙂

  3. You are totally right. Nowadays people especially women read magazines where they see models and actress with their perfect bodies and they are trying to look like them. They are dieting, which is dangerous and unhealthy for them. But almost every photo is not even real.
    And women can be beautiful even if her body isn´t perfect. First she has to feel good, You know make some nice maku-up, wear comfortable clothes, eat some her favourite food, have a good coffe and which is the most importante, she has to wear a big smile on her face. It is not importante how You look outside, but what You have inside of You.
    Beautiful pepople are nice, kind, good, helping others, talkative and good listeners.

    1. I definitely agree with you too! You also bring up such a good point about society’s stance on beauty. There is such a dichotomy because they have made something that I see as such a personal and unique thing very external and seemingly uniform. The challenge is trying to maintain your own personal beauty without it being diluted by outside expectations.

  4. I definetly agree with these words in this article. If you want to know inner beauty of some person, you must spend some time with his or her and know his or her in some situations which is not easy. I think that the inner beuty takes effect in situatinos where they must help to their friends, family or unknown people. Most people evaluates other people from the first sight. If someone don´t have for example fashion clothes or If someone not so thin, friendly in eyes of some people is such a person given in some box. I do not like these people. They are really materialistic and heartless. But these people are influence by fashion magazines, models and Tv shows. I never give at firts impression. On the other hand it is iportant to taking care of yourself a little.

  5. I must only agree with you and what you had written. The beauty is not how we are dressed or how our hair looks like. The true beauty are our actions and the way how we talk with other people. Our beauty is how we are willing to help people, animals and our Earth. Its quite sad that many people give the first impression. Look at animals. They just do not care about how do you look, because they can read your hearts and it does not matter if you are ugly or beautiful. They just love you just the way you are and who you are. That is why I love animals, because their souls are so clear without prejudices. I think that we should learn something from them. My opinion is that everybody is somehow beautiful and it depends on us, how we are going to show the world our beauty. 🙂

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