When you think of insanity, you think of the hospital. How it is isolated on its own piece of land surrounded by a barbed wire fence. You think about the cold cell and the stone white walls that seem to close in on you. It is always silent. And when the silence is broken, it is only ever replaced by a bloodcurdling scream. The whole place reeks of disinfectant. The maids seem to try to clean the insanity right out of the inmate’s souls. It is isolated



But there is so much more to insanity than the place. There is the way that your brain makes everything to be. The secret part about insanity that no one talks about is the fact that your mind feels exactly like those walls of the institution. Every time you think, you question everything until you don’t know what your original thought was. You are alone with your own thoughts, and you don’t even know what they are. You are constantly clouded by what you think is your own, and what actually is. Your judgement is off. You are alone and cold.

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  1. People mind is very interesting. For some people is not hospital and cell ( i think, that mean prison cell?) cold. It is not cold as a temperature an it is not cold as feeling. Somebody just go to the hospital, because they are alone at home or at street when you re homeless, so they simulated disease or make injuries themselves just because they want to be between another people. Or if you look at word «cold“ as a temperature, especially in winter, some homeless people do crimes because they want to be arrested and they want to be in prison, because there it is hot and there is food by the way. Neither there they are not alone, they are with another prisoners and it is good for them and their minds. So this people will do crimes again and again, because they can not lose something, exactly opposite they can have food and roof above head and they can communicate with another prisoners, so why they should be on street, where it is cold and they are alone….

    1. I love your comments. It is true that hospitals are sometimes used as refuges for those seeking respite from inclement weather. For this assignment, the students were each assigned an adjective to modify the word lens that they’ve been working with for the year. The student who has been writing about «insanity» received the word «cold» and interpreted the pairing of words in the piece you responded to on this blog. I appreciate, and agree with, your social commentary. I think your response is a thoughtful way to enter the dialogue with us. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

  2. It’s very interesting article. I admit I never thought about it deeper. In my opinion were these people closed in their minds with their thoughts but it’s surprise for me that they are absolutely insensitive for surroundings. I don’t think it’s completely cold for them. It has to protect them from the surroundings and from themselves. And white is colour of reassurance so I think it’s big plus for their remaining mental health.

  3. What exactly does it mean insanity? … People are considered insane just because they do not think like they are supposed to think. By society what judges and punishes? Or «just» by the whole world? That cells are places where they should feel safe from themselves and also from others. It was meant for it. At least there are people who have to care about them because they are paid for it.
    Nowadays more and more people feel alone and cold even though they look like ordinary people with ordinary habits in their normal lives. They do not need to be prisoned among the walls, it has already happened by all the dirty, hurry and disregard in the world. There is no – one who would care about your tears because he wants to help you. Human today wants to listen to your suffering because it makes his own problem less difficult. That makes people lonely even they are in a huge crowd and that makes them vulnerable. Maybe that piece of land surrounded by a barbed wire fence is the place that people should see and get know how does it look like. Because it’s an imitation their own sad lives.

    I like your article and maybe this is just too depressing comment, but let’s be honest, isn’t it mostly true?

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