Ten Sentences about Words and What I Learned, Know and Possibly Do Not Understand

  1. What I know from obsession es it controls and suffocates the mind.
  2. What I know is, insanity is very funny but also intelligent.
  3. What I have learned from love is that it is so lovely, but very complicated, and plays a huge role in the world.
  4. What I do not understand is why the satire is so serious, political but what I learned is the satire teaches us to criticize.
  5. What I learned is the imagination is like the clouds of my mind: happy, and ready to be colored.
  6. What I have learned about identity is that it is very mysterious and foggy, but can be cleared through the road of life.
  7. What I do not know is why friendship is a competition of what you have and what I have but I think that friendship should be: to love and be loved. What I have learned from friendship is an insecurity, and sometimes a little bit happy when life is true. Friendship is a reflection of life and it gets better as life continues and goes on.
  8. What I have learned is that believing in religion is very beautiful and I believe that religion is to live and to hope.
  9. What I know is that adventure is looking at the green and blue on the map and is exciting and gives a reason to live and to feel alive, and also helps you to be happy. What I learned from adventure is that it makes you appreciate what the world is and the beauty of the land.
  10. What I have learned is that reality opens the eyes to the world of the colors and the truth and the feelings and reality is everything; overwhelming and powerful.

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