The Class, The Words, The Understanding by Samantha Marinelli

The Class, The Words, The Understanding

By Samantha Marinelli

This class has taught me so much.  I learned things about spanish, about life, and about myself.  As a class we saw the lines between reality and imagination, we made connections between friendship and love.  We learned who we are and how we learn the best.  I dedicate this final blog post to my incredible teacher, thank you for everything that you have taught us.

People use reality to inspire the future and to change their lives.  Someone needs reality to understand imagination, their hopes and desires.  Imagination creates adventures, and adventure is a way in which people understand themselves.  When they understand themselves, the people can create their identities.  Identity can change over the years after encountering many adventures in life.  While the people find themselves, they can learn how to love.  Love can be between friends, not just between lovers, and friendships are just as important.  Friendship takes many forms and can transform while the people themselves transform.  Friends see all of each other’s character, and because of this they can understand one another’s insanity.  Insanity is not bad, but rather, it brings fun to life.  With insanity, there is obsession which is the intense love for something.  Obsession can be a form of flattery, it should not be feared.  People should not be so serious, it is more important to enjoy life.  Some people use satire to share laughter and fun.  Satire has many different definitions that depend on people’s points of view, and it is always interesting to compare them.  Finally, there is religion.  Like satire, each person has a different idea of what creates a religion and what makes someone believe in something.  Religion is the security of having something to believe in when needed.

Each word has a different definition than the others, but they also share the same ideas.  We perceive things in many ways, and what makes the world the most magical is when people unite themselves to discover and learn together.

2 comentarios sobre “The Class, The Words, The Understanding by Samantha Marinelli

  1. I do not have a religion, but I have my own opinion about religion. No offense, I believe religions developed are not because of the faith, but because of the followers’ need. Most of the believer are willing to trust the super nature because they cannot achieve their goals by themselves, so they hope someone such as god or Buddha can help them and not matter which religion, as long as they get help and benefits, they will begin to follow the doctrines of the religion and believe it. The governors use religion to make people compliant, which allows them govern people easily. Also, some people believe it just because their families believe it. Now, I do not have a wish which cannot be realized by myself, so I do not a have faith.

  2. In the article, the author mentions several words: reality, imagination, friendship, love, Obsession and religion. And the author connects these words together which makes this article really cool and makes me enjoy to read. After reading, I quite approve the points of friendship. As the article says: friendship takes many forms and can transform while the people themselves transform. I have lots of friends in my city, some of them from my middle school and some from my high school. For my high school’s friends, we always contact between each other and have fun together. But because not in the same school, my old friends (from middle school or childhood) and I contact less, we just contact each other on the vacation. But we also have deep friendship and understand each other. The friendship is in different forms but the essence is the same and won’t change.

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