As I crossed the stage: A year in reflection

I found myself in a pause, one of pain and happiness, one of terror and eagerness. I stood waiting. Waiting for my name to be called. All that stood in front of me was a handshake and a diploma. Four years passed with tears, with laughter, and with memories. And the once distant future had quickly become the reality.

I learned that love is a chance; a leap one must take. But you can leap, and you can fly. And flying is the best part.

I learned to defend religion, mine or others. Standing tall for anything worth believing in.

Imagination became my source of happiness and strength; the idea of what things could have been like if I were in charge of my own destiny. For in my dreams, my family was healed and whole again, repaired from the storm death delivers.

I saw smiles in the students around me. Smiles which brought my memories and comfort. I learned that as we grow, friendships grow, some stronger, some weaker.

My obsession became my future, as college apparel filled my wardrobe, eagerly waiting a new chapter in my life.

I learned that life is satirical at times, teaching us as we journey through.

I was happy with the person I had become. The one my teachers knew me as, the one my friends knew me as, and the one strangers knew me as.

Adventure was life. A journey that was never ending. Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes left, and sometimes right. Not only was the adventure that path I took, but all that came along with it: good or bad.

Reality had become the “now what?” feeling as I walked onto the other side of the stage, diploma in hand. The future had been handed to me, becoming my present.

I wondered how an achievement could be so painful but exciting. A new start, and old finale. A bittersweet end, a bittersweet beginning.

6 comentarios sobre “As I crossed the stage: A year in reflection

  1. How insightful! Your description of this transition reflects a world of beauty that is rarely glimpsed by students your age. Your imagination, passion, and hope will carry you to a bright future. Keep dreaming, keep questioning, and please keep writing.

  2. I love the way you describe your life as an never-ended journey. Life is an adventure which help us grow and success. I had the exactly feeling as you had for the graduation except mine was at high school…I wish the best for you and I believe your future will be as beautiful as you imagine. Keep calm and chase your dream.

  3. Everyone is unique. Everything we can do is accepting the difference of the others. I admire that you can use such beautiful words to explain and reflect yourself. As my mum told me that the strong always live in hard life.

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