Copy of Two and 2 (Jonas)

In June 2015, the students running this blog participated in a poetry and translation project with some 8th graders from a nearby town. The younger students wrote poems for a Spoken Word poetry unit and then the RHAM students translated these poems into Spanish. In September, the AP (Advanced Placement) art students at RHAM will use these poems to create visual representations of the work to post to this blog. Additionally, students recorded recitations of the poetry which we also hope to post here. We hope that everyone enjoys this project. Thank you, Amy Nocton, Rochelle Marcus, and Beverley Fisher

Copy of Two and 2 (Jonas)

Love and life two of the most intertwined things in the world

love equates to more life, and the more life,

the more love and happiness. Two others would be misery and death,

for all things in the world there must be an

opposite. For love and life the opposite is misery and

death, misery and death are a perfect match

when people die there is great sadness and misery

and with misery there is death.

The two biggest feelings that come with these

two pairs of opposites are

happiness and sadness

if there is anything I have learned its that all things

good and bad come in twos.

Just like war and peace, guns and roses,

and Santa and the Boogie man,

Everything comes in twos

Like me I have two parents

and two lungs, kidneys, and two intestines

even though one is large and the other is small.

I also have two legs and two arms which are needed

for my everyday life. Like Mars who has 2 moons and

and magician needs a bunny or how Santa needs an Elf,

Everything comes in twos.

2 comentarios sobre “Copy of Two and 2 (Jonas)

  1. It is true that the world is not full of sunshine and rainbows, and even sometimes you may think it is a dirty and mean place. No matter how who you are, you gonna face the hardest part of your life. It may last for days or for weeks, even for years, but you need to take it and keep moving forward. Because that is how does the life suppose to be.

  2. Sometimes we may feel frustrated or disappointed, but life always sucks. Just as the old saying goes, each coin has two sides. The attitudes towards life depend the quality that we live. On a personal note, if we always look on everything positively, we can definitely move on and handle everything successfully.


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