People by Amelia Geist

In June 2015, the students running this blog participated in a poetry and translation project with some 8th graders from a nearby town. The younger students wrote poems for a Spoken Word poetry unit and then the RHAM students translated these poems into Spanish. In September, the AP (Advanced Placement) art students at RHAM will use these poems to create visual representations of the work to post to this blog. Additionally, students recorded recitations of the poetry which we also hope to post here. We hope that everyone enjoys this project. Thank you, Amy Nocton, Rochelle Marcus, and Beverley Fisher


People suck

They will build up your trust and watch as it crumbles down with a smirk on their face.

They will beat you up with their words and laugh at you when you’re crying on the floor, bleeding out all the happiness you’ve ever known.

But maybe being black and blue with you is a better feeling than I’ll ever have again.

They put on a mask, pretend to be a rainbow but in reality they are a rain-cloud, flooding your thoughts.

They will say “lol” without a laugh escaping from their lips and will lie that easily when saying “I love you.”

And in the end you’ll realize that you weren’t in love with them,

You were in love with the attention they gave you.

You were in love with being called beautiful, not the person saying it

because people suck.

People will suck the happiness out of you like a mosquito sucking blood.

They tell you something is forever but how can it be that long when life isn’t even forever?

And yes, everybody makes mistakes but you should only have enough to be able count on your fingers

And your lips should learn how to help flowers grow instead of help them die.

And when you wake up and smell the air I hope you get hit by the sad smell of your disappointment because that’s all you gave others.

People are like a forest fire,

Wild and unpredictable.

Crazy and harmful.

And if there is anything I’ve learned is to stop playing with fire, you’ll end up burnt.

Un comentario sobre “People by Amelia Geist

  1. The writer in this story talked about how much people done to others in reality and it is truly disgusting. Seems like the writer experienced what people have done to him or her such as betrayed or hurt by words others spoken to the writer. At the end, the writer talked about how people are like forest fire because when there is a forest fire starting it gets big and uncontrollable. The writer also think that people should nice words to other people because it is so easy to say it but people are frustrated about it and want to use harsh words or slangs

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