Censorship refers to people restricting what others can do. For example, censorship is when the parents say to their children what they can and cannot see on television. With television, the children are exposed to a lot of violence. The parents also tell their children what they can see on the internet. A lot of parents never let their children go on the internet. The internet can be prohibited for young children, because there are a lot of graphic images and inappropriate videos. This decision is the parent’s opinion.
Censorship is seen in other situations. In the classroom, the teacher censors what the students do during the school day. School libraries prohibit books for their content. These are considered banned books. Banned books week this year fell from September 27th to October 3rd. The teacher needs to assure that the students aren’t receiving bad information. This can be based off anything that is inappropriate for students of that age. These opinions can be for parents, teachers, and librarians.
Some banned books serve a good purpose. To Kill a Mockingbird is an example of a book that is sometimes banned. It’s banned for the theme of racial problems in the book. It isn’t right to ban books because there are a lot of valuable lessons that can be learned in these books. In this example, it’s important that people read about how life was like at that time. The students need to know that people were racist. This can help children see how to treat others.
Without these valuable life lessons that banned books can show us, we are left with very little knowledge about the world we live in. Sometimes, it’s better that we understand bad events in order to prevent these things from happening again. In Don Quijote, the church, specifically, is trying to censor what Don Quijote reads. The priest goes to Don Quijote’s house to get rid of his books. Although the books made Don Quijote crazy, he should have the right to read what he wants. Today censorship is still alive with parents and teachers saying that some books are prohibited.

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