Loyalty of a Best Friend

I sit on the cold hard floor of wood, looking out the window. My head is full of questions and concerns. I look out the window next to the door to see the grass and trees everything moves back and forth in the wind. I wish I could go outside. I think back to earlier this morning when I was running around. It might be my favorite time to be outside. The moisture of the grass and the hot sweet smell in the morning is something that can not be beat. I remember when me and Ryan went on a trip early in the morning. We left so early that it was still dark when we set off. When we arrived at our destination it was barely light. We left the car and all we could see for miles was forest. Ryan and I spent all day exploring and having fun.

Ryan has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. I met him when I was a child and we have grown together. When I was younger he was around a lot more and we used to do so many things together, but now he is older. But I know that even though he is older we are still best friends. Whenever I’m home and he is not I spend my time either dosing of dreaming of all the good times we have had together or I wait by the window waiting for him.

That reminds me of a story. Once when Ryan was brought to the lake. I always knew that Ryan went to the lake and swam and fished but I never knew how much fun it was. All day Ryan and I flew around in his boat or swam to the island. I could spend all day there, I wish we could but Ryan is busy. Nevertheless, I know that Ryan will always be there for me no matter how busy he gets.

Sometimes Ryan brings home new people for me to meet. I especially like this girl named Lola who spends a lot of time with him. Wait was that the car door!? Ryan is at home! I run to the door and sit there hardly able to contain myself. The door opens and Ryan enters with his hands full of work. Before he had a chance to put it down I jump on him and greeted him with warm lames. I will be there by Ryan no matter what.

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