I am honest when I say I do not know how to define the word «obsession.»  At the thought of the word, I first think of the author Edgar Allan Poe.  In the seventh grade, we read some of his stories and a lot of them were about obsession.  Edgar Allen Poe had a difficult life and wrote very interesting stories.  Obsession was the main theme in most of his stories.  Edgar Allen Poe focused on particular objects or people and through all of this it made ​​the story stronger and more powerful.

When I think of obsession, I also think of addiction. Obsession can be a negative thing when people are obsessed with bad things. Obsession can control the lives of many people and make them commit terrible acts. If someone is obsessed with something bad that does not make them a bad person. Obsession is something we cannot control. Maybe you do not understand what I’m trying to say. Now I’m sitting here trying to think of how to define the word obsession and all I can think of are addiction and Edgar Allan Poe. I do not think that is a good definition . Obsession is very strong and needs a stronger definition. Being obsessed with a thing means to be the victim of that thing. You eat, sleep and breathe this thing and can not exist without it. That’s why I think of addiction when I think of obsession.

People may be obsessed with many different things.  Both forms of obsession can be good or bad. For example, people may be obsessed with drugs or murder or they can also be obsessed with puppies or helping people. There are harmless obsessions but there are also deadly obsessions. It is difficult to define this word and I know that the definition will not do it justice, but I know that obsession is a very powerful thing and can be life or death for many people. Everyone thinks of the word in different ways.

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