The theme of superiority plays a big part in the book, Don Quijote. Don Quijote always wants to be more important and stronger than Sancho and others. When Don Quijote sees a threat, he believes he has to be stronger and start a fight to establish his superiority. He not only repeated this behavior with strangers who met during his adventure, but he also established superiority over Sancho. His belief that he has to dominate everybody gets him in situations that are more dangerous than he is conscious of. For example, when he was with the prisoners, he felt he had to establish his superiority and released them to show his strength best.

This is also a common theme in the world today and in the past. Dictators and strong leaders have to establish their superiority over people, or they will not succeed in what they hope to achieve. We see this with violence and propaganda. Superiority can lead to corruption and many more problems. For example, Hitler used his power and superiority for others to follow, and even if they did not believe in what he was doing, was dominated by him and were forced to join the movement. Stalin was also another dictator who used his power to the extreme. He used violence and propaganda to establish his superiority. As throughout history worldwide, power plays an important role in countries, and even in countries like the United States, there is always a struggle for power. For example, there are elections every four years to decide who should be president. It is a huge competition between those who believe they should have the role. In the US, the president is a very important person who can make decisions to help the country, and hold it together and organized.

The issue is also common in social groups. There must always be a leader who has power over another and feels he is superior. This is common in work, school, family, and friends. Everyone has a role to fill in a social group without a voice of leadership, there is not a specific person they can rely on to make decisions. In social groups there is usually a person that people tend to follow or rely on making plans. Some social groups fight to occupy this position because more than one person wants the role.

Superiority is not always negative, because it can have many positive effects. Some of them are that if a group is superior or a particular person is, and are highly motivated to achieve goals that could benefit many others, then that would be a benefit to have superiority. This then lead others to follow in its wake, which could cause a positive chain reaction.

Sometimes, everything falls into place smoothly. This is also very common in companies. There is always a leader, a manager or owner, who has established more superiority on workers. There is a power chain until it reaches the bottom. There is always someone or something that has more power The world will not work if there is no superiority.

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