Superiority is when someone dominates another person. Having superiority means having greater importance and to have a high rank. There are many different situations in which superiority is seen. In one situation, the law affects people. The police in their work have the authority to give tickets and capture criminals. There is a division between ordinary citizens and people who are police. However, this superiority can be corrupt. Some police believe that they are free to do what they want because they have the law and no ordinary citizen can stop them.

        In another situation, superiority exists to maintain order within a working group to work towards the same goal. For example, in the army, there are a lot of higher ranks than a normal soldier who require organization to have success. A sergeant has more experience to know what to do and other soldiers may follow his example. There is authority to maintain order. Without this structure, the soldiers would have to make many decisions for themselves and could lose their lives.

       In politics around the world, dictators are another example of the superiority. They govern citizens who have very little say in decisions. Dictators can be very selfish and corrupt. This superiority can be bad for a country. For example, Hitler was a dictator who was corrupt and killed eleven million people to eliminate the Jews of the world. His cruel actions changed a significant number of lives.

       The concept of superiority is seen every day at school. A student attends school to learn from the teacher who has the job of giving an education while maintaining the organization. Students must respect the teacher, and the teacher has the authority to punish children who are bad in class. This allows an atmosphere of obedience.

       The last part of this word is the sense of being superior. People compete to be the best in everything. Everyone wants to be the best student, the best athlete on a team and have more money with the best job. They use the failures of others as their own success. Having an ego is a big part of today’s society. People do not follow their dreams now but work to find a job that pays more money. It is a world that has ruined society. Superiority is the reason that people can feel very powerful while others are worthless. Superiority is a feeling that can cause damage to the world we live on, if we let it control us.

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