The Corruption of Innocence

The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time. – William Butler Yeats

I appear in many forms and in many places. I am in all cultures. I am in life and also an idea. But I am much more than this. My only enemy is time.

The children run through the forest and the countryside. In the summer, they play outside all day. They imaginations bring them to places far away, like in a castle. They can have a game with only a ball or stick. They see a tree as a monster. Their imaginations know no limits. They do not understand time and play until the sunset and their mothers are calling them home. Then the children tell of their stories about random things. They tell of funny and crazy things of their days. And finally the children sleep and have magic dreams. And the next day the children do it all over again.

But the children always lose me. Time is my enemy. Society corrupts me then makes me disappear. Older people influence the children and change them. I don’t like this. I love that children do not have prejudices nor bad thoughts. Many situations influence and corrupt me. They hear the adults language and repeat it. They see bad things they shouldn’t see both in their lives as well as on the television.

Very little adults have me. They are corrupted by greed. And for their greed, many times it is something else for them. They are consumed by it and lose their innocence because of it.

Dogs only ask for love. They want a caring family and they want to be pet. They need love and belonging. They do not need material things only love. Cats are the same, they only want love. All pets have me. I can be seen in the eyes of all pets.

When dogs are puppies they have me. When the puppies play, they do not intend to hurtfully bite, but dogs can bite with aggression. The humans again corrupt me, people make me aggressive.

And the animals in the rainforest also have me. I am present in all animals. But people destroy and corrupt me. They do not have respect and in defense animals lose me.

I am innocence. I have many forms. My only enemy is time. Time destroys me. It is easy to lose me and it is difficult to obtain  me after I have been lost.

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