Literature is writing and stories on a specified topic. Literature generally teaches and shows an example. It is everywhere in life. When we were children we were taught old stories and learned to read them. Literature also teaches us during life and at home. It teaches things like morals and culture. Literature is a big issue in The Adventures of Don Quijote. First, all that Don Quijote did is based on the old books of chivalry. In the second episode there are many references to the ancient knights stories of chivalry. This is when Don Quijote read books and went crazy. Literature is the main reason for his madness. Don Quijote adapted his lifestyle around the stories of chivalry. He thought he needed to fight giants like Rolando killed Pasamonte and Alabaster and converted Morgante to Christianity. Then Don Quijote attacked windmills, thinking they were giants. Cervantes used literature as a way to tell the story. He used many references to old mythology and literature, for example Hercules, the emblem of power. Some of the names of the characters like Dulcinea come from ancient literature. Dulcinea and Dulcineo were two shepherds in The Ten books of Fortune and Love, Antonio de Lofraso, published in 1573. The name Dulcinea comes from «dulce» which means «sweet» in English. The literature adapted to the role of the church and censorship because this was a time when the church had a great influence on literature. The characters in Don Quijote discuss literature and burned the books of chivalry. In the second part of our brief version of the book, Cervantes presented us with Cide Hamete Benengeli, a name to protect and make the story seem nonfiction. This name is Arabic and shows that Cervantes may have lived in a time when literature was censored by the church because the false name could be to hide. Also, Cervantes wanted the story of Don Quijote to sound real and use many examples from the literature do this. His use of the false name comments on the ideas of authorship and literature in the novel. Literature is everywhere and Don Quijote is a great example of it. Literature is seen every day and is also very important in culture.

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