Wanted: Friendship

Description: I am a timeless idea that is difficult for people to understand.  I am very abstract, but I am something  that many people abuse for their advantage.  I am not a simple idea, I am very complicated so I am challenging to describe with words.  I am precious and I am valued by the majority of the population. I am not to be thrown in the trash when times get rough.  I am not hurtful, I am kind.  

Last seen:

You can find me in school,

in the streets,

across the ocean,

places with people,

between countries.

There are many examples of me,

ketchup and mustard,

Don Quijote and Panza,  

Spongebob and Patrick.  I don’t have to be a relation between people, I can be a relation of things.  

You can find me in secrets,

in confessions,

in play dates with children.  

I am something that many people search for during their lives.  I have the capacity to survive a lifetime.  

I am not something that people hate, I am something the people love and desire.  

You can find me between boys and girls,

girls and girls,

boys and boys,

adults and children.

You can find me at all times,

bad times,

happy times,

overwhelming times.  I don’t leave when emotions are bad.  

I never leave.

I stay.


I wear the masks of,




and loyalty. I am not the same each time.  I am different.  


In general, I help.

I make life easier.

I support people.

There are radiant smiles and loud laughter.

I provide comfort,


someone to talk to,

someone to listen.

I am gained and lost with time,

but I am not lost forever.

I am like a family,

but a family you can choose.  

I like to annoy with good intentions.

My name:

My name is friendship.

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