The Definition of Imagination

“The imagination is more important than knowledge.”

– Albert Einstein

The imagination is a part of the mind where there is a whole other type of reality. A reality that seems so vivid, but doesn’t exist. When you were a child, imagination changed a room into outer space and a tree into a castle. Also it can change windmills into giants. Although the imagination can be conforting, it can mislead as well. It is the source of the monters under the bed, the reason for your nightmares, and the reason why you slept with a nightlight. However, at times, the monsters do not leave a peerson’s head and they infect the imagination. These monsters control the mind and distort the vision. They transform the imagination into reality, so that the barrier between imagination and reality is broken. These people can suffer from insanity, but they can survive and accomplish greatness. Some of the most intelligent people in history are insane.

Michelangelo y Albert Einstein are two men that were very different than every person. Michelangelo was antisocial, obsessive, and did not know how to take care of himself, but he is one of the most well-known artists for his paintings in the Sistine Chapel. Without Michelangelo’s imagination, he would not have painted anything at all.

Einstein was very intelligent but was not very studious. The people would isolate him because he thought differently and did not do any of his homework ever, so they thought he was stupid. Nevertheless, Einstein created the Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of Relativity. His imagination created an idea that transformed the world and science completely. Both men were very important and significant in their century, and the world world would be very different if the two were never born.

The imagination is more important than knowledge because you can be the most intelligent person in the world but if you do not have an imagination, you wont achieve anything. Michelangelo y Einstein had an imagination that did not think like any other. An imagination that ignored the known in order to expand their knowledge and uncover the unkown.

Yes, imagination is as unique as a finger print. Each philosopher had different dreams and each author had different stories in the head. You never know where your mind will guide you. It is colorful, creative, excentric, y unreal. The imagination can sail you across the seven seas y can lead you down a rabbit hole. Your imagination is infinite and can help you obtain everything. Without your imagination, life would be boring and would seem black and white. Your imagination, no matter how crazy it is, is what maintains your sanity. Because, sometimes, your need to go crazy in order to stay sane.

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