What is honor? It has two uses, as a verb and as a noun, and the noun is the most important. In reality, honor can mean something different to every person. In short, honor is the feeling that a person feels when he attains something or arrives at the pinnacle of his work. Honor is this mixture of pride, satisfaction, and confidence that you have when you feel invincible. Honor is not about you, it is the feeling that that you feel when all people feel an unconditional love for you. The idea of honor is something that you can’t obtain by yourself; other people give it to you. Without doubt, you can lose honor on your own if you’re not careful. In many ways, the concept of honor is more of a perception than a feeling. It is not a normal feeling like happiness, anger, or sadness. In place of this, honor is given by others and all that the person needs to do is accept it. A common form of obtaining honor is through victory, especially victory against a famous or respected person or thing. On the other hand, honor can be attained through a valiant defeat where you showed respect to an opponent or the task in general. Many people relate the concept of honor with war and triumph in battle. Soldiers want honor not only for themselves but also for their country and people. Many times, honor is more important than victory in battle or war.

While this idea is a good example of honor in many cases, honor can be found everyday in your life. Simply doing something correctly every single day can bring honor to you or to your family. Many countries, especially Japan and China have a high regard for the concept of honor. In these countries, their culture demands that old people receive honor and respect. This is because that is how the tradition has been, is now, and will be in the future. Much of daily life is determined by honor for a family. It’s the time that we in the United States pay more attention to honor. If we don’t change how we use honor, deserving people are not going to get the credit that they deserve for their actions. This will dissuade people from doing good deeds, hurting our world and the United States in particular. Honor is one of the hidden keys to a productive world; without it, the world is in trouble.

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