Flower Power

Romanticism is art and literature with a passion that does not exist in any other expression of the nineteenth century. Romantic writers have inspiration and intense emotion that they express in their work with the vivid description and many intricate details. Often, romanticism is against industrialization and expresses a desire to return to simpler times. With this wish, romantic writers write of the beauty and importance of nature in an attempt to convince their readers to appreciate their surroundings. In «El Rayo de Luna» by Becquer, nature is an important theme when the protagonist falls in love with the moon. This is a representation that nothing in the world is more beautiful tan nature and Becquer does not believe in true love. Unattainable love is another theme of romanticism, and in Becquer’s work the characters are always one step short of their love.

The ability to control power is a matter of perception. When a man has a gun, it is natural to believe that he is the most powerful person in the group. But, is it crazy to believe that weapons can be useless against the beautiful petals of a flower? These demonstrators approach the soldiers and carry flowers in place of weapons, but they are no less powerful. With the idea of ​​peace in the minds, they are an army more powerful than any other. When Manrique falls in love with the moon in «El Rayo de Luna,» Becquer says, “Manrique estaba loco; por lo menos, todo el mundo lo creía así. A mí, por el contrario, se me figuro que lo que había hecho era recuperar el juicio.”  The protesters have the same idea as Manrique when they preach peace over hatred and war. Although it is an ideal state of life, it seems impossible to achieve; and peace is only a moonbeam.

Like most romantics, these men use nature as a symbol of love against hate. When they use their flowers like shields for bullets they are asserting their convictions: that war and death are not necessary so long as there is love. In «La Rosa de Pasion,» the flower is a symbol of Sara and her father, Daniel. The people of the village say, “¡Parece mentira que tan ruin tronco haya dado de sí tan hermoso vástago!” This is because Daniel is an example of evil with thin lips and an ugly personality while Sara is a beautiful woman with a friendly and loving personality. By comparing the two to a single flower, Becquer is demonstrating the difference between the two both physically and mentally. Also, it is a representation of the title «La Rosa de Pasion» because Sara is passionate through her love for all religions and Daniel is passionate about his hatred. Together, the ugly stem and the beautiful petals create the Rose of Passion.

Like Sara, the demonstrators in this photograph are impassioned with peace and love. They are brave to approach the soldiers armed with nothing but flowers, and in this moment, they seize power from the soldiers. It is not easy for anyone to hurt an unarmed innocent. The soldiers do not have the power to commit murder, so it is in the power of protesters to decide what happens next. When the artist in “The painter seemed to hear the step of Destiny approaching behind him, on its progress towards its victims. A strange thought darted into his mind. Was not his own the form in which that destiny had embodied itself, and he a chief agent of the coming evil which he had foreshadowed?” It is a courageous act to go back and fix the problem that he had caused. In a single moment, it is his decision to grab the power and become a better person. Like the soldiers, it is within his power to turn away from death and hate and choose the path of love

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