The War of Friendship and Nature

Romanticism is an idea about love.  No, no, no, Romanticismo es a literary movement that focuses on the the ideas of solitude, individualism, emotion and religion.  Most of the people believe that Romanticism is about love and emotions. Overall, romance authors are against religion, preferring the simplicity, and many use supernatural ideas. In the stories of Romanticism, there is symbolism for these ideas. Another big part of Romanticism is the power of nature; There are many examples in the works of Hawthorne, Becquer, and Poe. The movement affected the whole world.

There is a war, a war against two people and nature. Both have power. Two people fight. Two humans fighting for their lives. Together they fight. Who will win-the nature or the people? The two are looking for a hand to hold something … something. Desperation reached. The body in the water is frozen, it can not move; as if in a Venus fly trap. The obligation of the people can not be broken, or both will die. The power of nature is larger than the power of the people. The water is running, and the water temperature is cold. Friendship is going to lose.

This photograph depicts the true power of nature. Nature has the ability to kill people easily. Nature also has the signs of danger. The water was roaring and dangerous, but humans think they are unstoppable. Nature can give symbolism, like the rose of passion. The flower on the grave of Sarah, is a symbol of love and strong as the water in this photograph. The rose shows the power of natural death is stronger than the power of people and relationships. Sara was looking for love and a wife, but he stood nature.

Sometimes friendship becomes empty and is not good. Sometimes loneliness is better than having the company, in “El Rayo de Luna» there are situations in life in which individualism is vital to sanity. Manrique values ​​being alone because «cantigas….,mujeres…glorias….felicidad…., mentiras todo, fantasmas vanos que formamos en nuestra imaginación y vestimos a nuestro antojo, y los amamos y corremos tras ellos, ¿Para que?»(Becquer). But in this instance, I do not agree with Becquer, because relationships, friendship is vital to the dangerous life today. Without friendship, and relationships of others, life would be impossible. Although nature can prevail, relationships make the world better. Friendship is not empty, it is full of love and strength to live.

In some cases, the power of human relations, you can win the war of nature and people, but in some, the power of nature win.

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