Open a book. You will travel to a different world and will have many adventures. You could fight and attacker one moment or discover a rare animal in another part of the world in another moment. This experience is the magic of literature that is in all parts of the world. Literature is in all places, but there is a question.

What is literature? Literature is in all parts of the world. Literature is in the stores, libraries, houses, and classrooms. Literature has a great effect on the world and the minds of men and women. Literature fills people with emotion  and ideas that change the world. The influence of literature is more than someone can imagine. But, what is literature?

The literal definition of literature is that literature arrives in the form of of books and other forms of written text. Literature remains for many years after the author has written and years after the author has died. But, what is literature? Is literature only a list of words, sentences, and phrases united by paper and paper only? Why is literature important in the world and why do we read it?

Literature is more than a word, a sentence, or a phrase. Literature is human. Literature has human characteristics that allow people to appreciate it. Literature captures the human emotion and experience. Dreams, desires, hopes, fears of the human existence exists in literature. Literature is the emotion that we have seen in human existence. When people read literature, they see themselves. Literature encourages and motivates people to act  for better or worse. It is an expression of human existence that touches the world. The effect of literature can be the birth of a revolution the shakes the world. Literature is not only words. Literature is human existence.


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