Romanticism intro in English

There are many aspects of Romanticism. Many writers think that society needs to return to the past. They do not like change. Many works also portray darkness. In the works of Bécquer there is a lot of darkness, one of many themes. His themes are silence, love, close mindedness, and isolation. With the theme of love the people in the stories of Bécquer can never achieve it. Love is an non achievable idea. This is evident in the “la Rosa de Pasión”. Sara’s father prohibits her from marrying a man of a different religion. Sara dies because of this. She can never be with the one that she loves. Love can never be obtained in the legend, “Un Rayo de luna”  either. Manrique pursues a woman for a long time. Finally he discovers that the women is actually a ray of moonlight. He learns that it can never be obtained

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