Superiority and The United States of America

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The United States and other developed countries are superior nations to the rest of the world. Superiority is defined as having an advantage or dominance over others. Clearly, money and freedom allow developed countries to be superior. Americans have access to education that gives them employment. Employment gives citizens money to pay for necessities and technology. Technology gives Americans access to knowledge. It is an endless cycle of superiority between the poor and the rich. Equality is impossible when countries have dominance over other countries. However, dominance is not the only aspect. It is ironic that the United States of America also has inequality within the country. It is not important where you are because the division between the rich and the poor always exists. Money gives people superiority all over the world.

Un comentario sobre “Superiority and The United States of America

  1. Me gusta el mensaje que das. Estoy de acuerdo en que el dinero separa a las personas. ¿Usted piensa que Estados Unidos va a ver más allá del dinero un dia? Es triste que las personas no sean iguales en el año 2016, pero es cierto. ¡Muy buen trabajo!

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