The Purest Form of Obsession

In the human world, obsession is dark. It is deep and sinister and evil. Among people, obsession strangles the mind and can destroy the soul. When an obsession captures the mind of a human, it is a tragedy.
But for an animal, the same mentality can complete the soul. Especially for a dog, infatuation is the same as devotion. Obsession is the same as loyalty and love. In dogs, the obsession is in its purest form. It is constant and irrevocable love. This obsession is also irrepressible, but it’s not a bad thing. It is a life force.
The love of a dog is the most powerful force in the universe. When a human earns the love of a dog, the bond is permanent. The bond defeat all pain, work, and suffering. And it has the indisputable power to heal the wounds of the heart and the soul. Because, in the soul of a dog, obsession is a way to escape from the darkness. It is a source of light.


Un comentario sobre “The Purest Form of Obsession

  1. Yo estoy de acuerdo que algunos las obsesiónes puede ser buena. Cuándo alguien han una obsesión con un animal, es más de un vínculo o una conexión con el animal. Esta obsesión o vínculo pueden ayudar alguien hacer entender un tiempo áspero. Un animal puede un mejor amigo que una persona.

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