Art and Courage «defined»

Courage is the code one lives by in order to have success. Without courage, one cannot take advantage of opportunities and cannot discover one’s abilities and talents. If one does not take risks, one cannot find oneself. Without an identity, one is adrift in a vast sea, surrounded by people who understand who they are.

One is alone among many.

A person cannot be successful without courage. Courage is the thing that inspires and motivates one to seize an opportunity and put effort into it. Without the ability to take advantage of opportunities, one cannot have real success.

Courage comes in many different forms and is not the same for everyone.

It is unique for each and every person. img_3168

Un comentario sobre “Art and Courage «defined»

  1. A mi, me gusta que tú dices que el valor es único para todos las personas, y que el valor provee las oportunidades. ¡Una perspectiva interesante!

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