Music Defined (in English)



The definition of music is a series of rhythms, notes, and dynamics combined. Music is normally written on paper with many parts included. People can sing, play, or write music. Music is very important to express emotion. As well as this, music is an activity in school and a way to spend your free time. Many people can play music because there are so many different instruments and different variations of music, including using your voice. Music can also be electronic. Dynamics produce sounds of emotion because when the music is loud, you may be angry or when the music is quiet, you may be content. My personal relation to music is that I am a drummer and I enjoy playing/singing music. I enjoy playing jazz and marching styled music the most. My family also has a band which I am a part of. Music can surely influence you in many ways.

Un comentario sobre “Music Defined (in English)

  1. ¡Yo estoy de acuerdo! Música es una forma de expresión que es accesible a la mayoria porque hay una variedad de formas y géneros y se puede expresar ideas y emociones. ¡Me gusta mucho su conexión con tu vida sobre su pasión por la música y su prevalencia!

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