The Elections and Independence

It is predicted that the 2016 presidential election will cause many problems with immigration as well as relations between the United States and latin american countries. According to Gerardo Lissardy, journalist for BBC World, if Trump wins, there is a strong push for anti-immigration towards latin american countries, in particular Mexico. This makes it hard for people to make their choices of where they want to live or if they can be with their family or not if their family has already moved into America. This takes away their independence to make their own decisions about important aspects of their life. If Clinton wins, reforms in Cuba and Venezuela could be put in place which are not necessarily supported by the people in those countries. This takes away the whole country’s independence to run it the way they choose, and live their lives as they choose because not every country needs to strive to be the same as America. According to Hector Schamis, journalist for El Pais, Hillary is a shoe-in for the presidential election. He says that Trump will have very limited policies, such as the wall on the Mexican border, banning entry into the country to Muslims, limited trade, and protectionism from China. All these policies take away the independence of the individuals from these countries because as mentioned before, Mexicans won’t be able to move to america if they wish to, Muslims will be discriminated against and therefore takes away their independence to practice their beliefs in our country, and protectionism from China will isolate the chinese in society.  He also says that if elections go the way they have in past years, Clinton will win Latino votes 2 to 1 as Obama did in favor of the democratic party. This will be good because then there will be no wall, continuing the Mexicans independence to make their own choices whether to cross the border or not.


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