The Presidential Elections

Disclaimer: I wrote this from the point of view of a girl from Mexico. All accounts are fictional.

My name is Lucia Gonzalez, from Mexico. I am very afraid of  the presidential elections in the United States this year. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now household names to everyone in the United States and Mexico. Some people think that both candidates are bad. Others think that one of the candidates is good and the other is horrible. However, I think Hillary is the best choice. Please don’t vote for Trump because he is racist. He said, «They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”  (Ahmed). He is very ignorant about the Spanish culture. For the third national political debate, Trump said, trump-hillary-tw«We have some bad hombre here»(Earl). I find this offensive. I think Trump is an ugly person, inside and out. I respect the idea that both candidates have the courage to say what they believe. Courage is an important thing to have. But it is not good that Trump is making people believe that Mexicans are bad. We are not bad people! Although I do not think Clinton is a good candidate, she is better than Trump. Many former presidents do not like Trump, such as Obama, Clinton, Bush, and Carter (Vazquez). The video below is very emotional for me. Mexicans do not like Trump and his wall, especially the president of Mexico, who says he will not pay for the wall.

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  1. Creative post Ann. Your writing reminded me of all the headlines from newspapers around the world which I saw posted in the Newseum the last time I visited Washington D.C. Most of the news stories expressed very strong opinions about Trump. I thought it was interesting to see how Trump was portrayed in the headlines and I wonder if voters have considered how other nations will view the United States based on the outcome of this election. I wonder if this is something voters should consider or not…?

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