Power in Photos

To say that the last three weeks have been tumultuous in the United States is to say something that the entire world already knows.  On January 21, 2017, my family, friends, and I protested against the President Trump and the uncertainty and fear that arrived with him.  In that moment we joined the so-called resistance.  We will continue being part of the resistance until there is positive change.  We will be the voices for those who are unable to express themselves, for whatever reason, in this moment.

We will be the voices for those who are without the documents to feel comfortable protesting the tenuous situation they find themselves in right now.  We will take to the streets and write letters for those who came to the United States with the hope of finding a better life, but do not hold the necessary papers to live freely in the U.S.A. and now find themselves in danger of deportation.  They are now less free than ever.

We will be the bridge that holds them.  We will offer them a hand to reassure them that we accept them and we see the benefits of having them in our community.  And, when I exercise my freedom, my right to travel with not one, but two passports, I will carry those without such rights in my heart so that they, too, may have some chance to see the world, if only through my eyes.

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