In the dictionary, misogyny is defined as the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. Misogyny can be many different things. It is the, “Hey, sexy!” from across the street, it is the “You throw like a girl”, and it is the dirty looks when you’re wearing too much clothes or the whistles when you’re wearing not enough. Today, we hear men say things like “Get back in the kitchen,” and “wash the dishes.” Misogyny today is frowned upon and as we see less and less misogyny in modern times, it is easy to recognize misogyny in our history. Degrading women is basically the basis of almost all cultures in our past, nobody cared to speak up about injustices against women like rape. This type of culture can be seen in “El cuadrángulo de amor” in El Quijote.

In the story, Dorotea is raped by don Fernando and then still begs don Fernando to marry her. At first, even I judged her for wanting to marry him after what he had done to her, but then I realized that she is a victim of don Fernando and is also a victim of society. In the 1600s, any woman who had sex before marriage was shunned. Nobody cared if the woman wanted to have sex with him or if she was raped, if it happened before marriage, she was seen as worthless or not pure. Dorotea, knowing this, had to decide if being the wife of her rapist was better than being shunned by society. The majority of the people in Spain at this time were catholic and there is a passage that declares that any man that sleeps with a woman, whether ot not it’s rape, must marry her. This could be why society forces women to marry their rapists and why Dorotea felt pressured to do so.

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